Red Summer Bikini (Bottoms ONLY)

Product Code: VBLBR1




Our vibrant bikini bottom takes the worry out of sunbathing and swimming, you will feel super sexy, feminine and above all confident knowing your appliance is nowhere to be seen. The ruffle effect will disguise anyone with an Ileostomy on the left hand-side and distract away from those who have a colostomy on the right hand-side.

As with all our range, there is an internal pocket that runs from left to right, therefore does not matter which side your appliance is on, or if you have more than one Ostomy.

Simply angle your appliance so that the opening sits between your legs and place your appliance inside the pocket.


  • 80% Polyamide
  • 20% Elastane
As with all swimwear, special care and attention should be taken when washing your garments.
Make sure you wash all dark colours seperately and wash at 30 degrees.
Do not tumble dry, bleach, iron or dry clean any of these items.