The Keeker Boxer

Product Code: VBPPB1

This fashionable boxer has an internal pouch that runs from the left to the right. It will support your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch, protecting your skin and reducing risks of leaks caused by irritated sweaty skin. Simply angle your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch so that the opening is angled in the direction between your legs and place it inside the internal pouch. The benefit of the internal pouch system means your Stoma Appliance/Ostomy Pouch is no longer against your skin, reducing any sweating that can cause odour and skin irritation. Supporting your appliance with an internal pouch will also reduce the amount of visits you have to the bathroom because the internal pouch will hold the content, stopping it from protruding through your underwear.


  • 85% Polyamide
  • 15% Elasthan